Saturday, March 22, 2008

Accessing the Internet from the comfort of your Jeep Wrangler

Chrysler is planning to roll out in-car wireless internet access this year! Dealers will be installing the technology on vehicles this year and then later it will be implemented from the assembly line. The technology works by having your car's radio connect to cell towers - effectively converting your radio to a wireless hot spot. Therefore, you will need a data contract with a wireless carrier to get coverage. A few ideas for making the most out of your in-car wifi:

  1. Save Money: $50/month for your data plan is nothing compared to rent. So ditch the house and live in your Jeep Wrangler full time. Now that it has wifi, it should be a fully functional home base
  2. Multi task: Now you can really get the most out of your commute. Surf the net, check email, eat breakfast, and shave all on the way to the office
  3. Make Money: Try parking outside your neighborhood starbucks and self wifi access via your Wrangler at a discount to Starbucks.
  4. Optimize off-roading: Easy access to trail info, maps, weather, etc and no need to plan ahead
  5. Finally an excuse to get a chauffeur: Now if you can get somebody to drive you around, you are really in good shape. Basically create a mobile office.
  6. Don't miss your favorite TV shows: you need a slingbox too. But now you can hook in to your slingbox from the comfort of your car.

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